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    FMS 10 does not close any databases



      FMS 10 does not close any databases

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      I have a problem with FMS 10, whenever I perform an action to close a database, nothing happens, I tried removing the database, but I need to close it first.


      BTW this is on an Xserve and is fully updated.


      Anyone can help me?





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          Sounds like the Deaf Server bug. One quick test is to check the status of any backup or other schedules. Do you see one listed with a status of "running" when it should show "ok"?

          The only immediate fix available is to make sure everyone is off the database so that it isn't in the process of saving any changes they've made, then you restart the server computer. When you do, you regain control of the files and can close them, but you have to wait for consistency checks to complete on each file while keeping your fingers crossed that no file was damaged during this forced closure of the files.

          The only long term fix available is to upgrade to server 11.

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            The only backup scheduled is each day and the status is OK.


            We do have a FMS 11 licence, however it seemed complicated to upgrade.


            Would that be the only fix available

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              Due to the possible occurrence of this bug I would suggest that you upgrade, but what you report suggests that may be some other possible issue here...

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                If people are logged in they can prevent the closing of the server, or at least they could before server 10. One user made me walk all they way to their station and threaten retribution if they did not close. Another one didn't understand the dialog and just clicked cancel.

                Check the user's list to make sure no one is still connected after you do the quit. You can request that any active user quit.

                Sometimes they are in a very involved data entry sequence and don't want to quit even when the lights are out and the charge is draining from their battery backup.

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                  With server 10 and later, you can force clients off the server as there is a time limit you can set for them to close and then it logs them off if they haven't in that time frame...

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                    I worked with one client for 20 years and as the time passed I learned various things about people. One was never force close their record or cause them to loose 15 minutes of data entry. Better to approach each person and ask them nicely to close and explain how long the db would be down and mention that you can wait if they need to complete something. It was pointed out that everyone new what my new car looked like, ahemm.... so this wasn't a bad idea at all.

                    The only time I would force quit is if the db is definitely hung and no one can do anything anyway and data is already lost.

                    Understanding people's work habits is very important. It was explained to me how a record may be left open while answering a phone call or having to go to the counter to resolve a problem and how the manager was so busy he had a hard time remembering what he was doing. Closing that record by force might mean a kid didn't get his birthday present because it had to be special ordered... Or the owner forgot to finish my check for work done...

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                      I was describing a capability of the server that you did not appear to be aware of, not recommending a way to manage people using it. Wink

                      It's particularly useful if you are working with the system after hours when no one is around as you don't have to run from machine to machine checking to see who left the system up. (And the file may be hidden in the background where it can be nearly impossible to detect.) (We have POS systems where on Idle disconnects are a really bad idea.)

                      As always, computer systems are easy, people are hard!

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                        ...and most of those hidden files have records that haven't been committed, right?

                        I believe there is a plugin or something that can run a script that commits the records.

                        A loop could check for all open windows, issue a commit record and close the window. Of course you will get email about someone not wanting that record committed...

                        What we need is something like a breathalyzer test or remote dna test that can identify the person, check their computer for open files and if none let them go home. etc.  :)

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                          OK, how about a hidden alarm set for 6PM, whatever, that does what I said above. Shouldn't be hard to write.

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                            ...and most of those hidden files have records that haven't been committed, right?

                            Uncommitted records are extremely rare in my system. Hidden files are the most unlikely to have an uncommitted record as these weren't up on the screen for data entry, but rather referenced via some type of lookup or other. And since they weren't up for data entry, forcing them closed doesn't create any issues.

                            Keep in mind that this is a "reverse POS system" for redeeming deposits on used beverage containers and for purchasing scrap metal from the general public. The customer doesn't get paid if the record isn't committed so employees really don't have the option of leaving records uncommitted.

                            For that "hidden" alarm, an Install Ontimer Script that is set up when the file is first opened--using the current time to compute an interval that triggers the timer's script at a specified time could do that, though it'd need to be set for an eariler time than 6 here as we close outer gates at 4:30 and then spend 4:30 to 5 serving remaining customers and cleaning up. By 6, it's a ghost town....