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FMS 10 external accounts stopped working

Question asked by jose.muniz on Aug 13, 2009
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FMS 10 external accounts stopped working

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For no reason, yesterday during the second half of the day, external authentication on my server stopped working.  I have FMS running on a Mac OS 10.5.8 workstation that is joined to the Active Directory domain.  Previously, I was able to authenticate users contained in an AD group perfectly fine.  Now, it's hit or miss (mostly miss) whether or not a user will be able to login successfully.  They only get the generic error, the account and password cannot be used to access the file.


I have tried removing the workstation from the domain and re-adding it as a different name, no change.  I have updated to the latest versions of FMS, Mac OS and FMP client, nothing has resolve the authentication issues.


Does anyone know of other log files I can look at to determine where the issue is occurring? The FMS log just shows a failed authentication for the user, despite the user having successfully logged in a few minutes before.


Any info is appreciated, this is a critical system for my users.