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    FMS 10 external accounts stopped working



      FMS 10 external accounts stopped working

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      For no reason, yesterday during the second half of the day, external authentication on my server stopped working.  I have FMS running on a Mac OS 10.5.8 workstation that is joined to the Active Directory domain.  Previously, I was able to authenticate users contained in an AD group perfectly fine.  Now, it's hit or miss (mostly miss) whether or not a user will be able to login successfully.  They only get the generic error, the account and password cannot be used to access the file.


      I have tried removing the workstation from the domain and re-adding it as a different name, no change.  I have updated to the latest versions of FMS, Mac OS and FMP client, nothing has resolve the authentication issues.


      Does anyone know of other log files I can look at to determine where the issue is occurring? The FMS log just shows a failed authentication for the user, despite the user having successfully logged in a few minutes before.


      Any info is appreciated, this is a critical system for my users. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm assuming the log file you are referring is the access.log file?  Is there any other information displayed for that user in that file?


          Since this used to work, something has obviously changed.  If nothing comes to mind, then try rebooting the servers (FileMaker Server and server where external authentication information is stored).  If that doesn't seem to work, then uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server.


          Please keep me posted with your progress.



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            Thank you for the reply.  After contacting Preferred Support, they offered the same solutions.  Unfortunately, I contacted our Windows administrators and it turns out that the failures in authentication can most likely be linked to the upgrading of the Active Directory structure to 2008.  It seems that OS 10.5 on the Mac is no longer properly communicating to the Active Directory domain for credentials, which in-turn causes the issues with the external accounts in Filemaker.


            Since the workstation/FMS system.log didn't show any errors, it was difficult to determine if the issue was with the external servers or the Filemaker server.