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FMS 10 Refusing New Connections

Question asked by JamesReed on Mar 11, 2010
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FMS 10 Refusing New Connections

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We have a FMS v. running on Windows Server 2003.  Max load is about 40 simultaneous users.  Every so often users who are attempting to connect to the database can not, and files don't appear in the open remote window when the server is selected.  Users who are already connected can continue to work with no problems.  The only way to allow other users to connect is to stop and then re-start the FMS software, which corrects the problem always.

As this has happened on average once every ten days, and is quickly remedied, it hasn't been a show-stopping problem, but it is annoying, and this week it has happened more frequently.

We've ruled out over the past year that the problem is the hardware, as we've changed that, the Server software, as this occurred when using FMS 9 as well, so wondering if this is a known fault of FMS, or could something internal to the actual database structure be causing this?


Thanks for any help in advance!


James Reed