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FMS 10 running backups, verify ok, cannot open with FMP11

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Oct 14, 2010


FMS 10 running backups, verify ok, cannot open with FMP11

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I have found an odd behavior that I cannot figure out.

Using FMS10 Advanced hosted on a Mac using OS 10.5.8, we are currently unable to move to FMS11 due to hardware limitations.

Our FM server backs up the databases onto the same drive where the originals are.  The server verifies the backups and says that everything is OK.  The backups are in a folder outside of the ones selected in FMS to host databases.

Our clients are network users hosted by a Mac Server.  The strange part is that FMP11 client cannot open the backed up database files after connecting properly to the fileshare where the backups are.  FMP gives "“filename.fp7” is currently in use and could not be opened.  If the file is shared, you can use the Open Remote command to open the file on the network.  (If you’ve opened the file before, check the Open Recent menu.)"  Since these files are backups they are not currently being shared.

If the user copies the backup file to the hard drive of their own machine they open just fine.

Periodically we need to open one of the backups to get back a piece of data that was saved overnight when it is mistakenly deleted.  Having to copy files to the local drive is a nuisance when this happens.  Any idea what I might be missing?

Thanks - Erich