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FMS 11 Adv, using XML getting 101 error code

Question asked by becfms on Jun 21, 2010
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FMS 11 Adv, using XML getting 101 error code

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Hello, Made a huge jump from FMP 6 to FMS/Pro 11 Advanced. Always used XML-CWP with success. Now using XML/Custom Web Publishing on a WinServer 2008. Success in setting up FMS 11 Advanced and reading XML from DB files into PHP encoded Web pages. (Set up is Web server accessing DB server). However, getting an error code 101 (Missing Record) when trying to write to the DB.

Success Example:

Fail Example:

Here, the new SessionID value needs to be entered into the record. Getting Error: 101 (Missing Record). Have verified the -recid value is what the Get(RecordID) generates for that record (no other tables in that DB file). Not sure if WinServer is/might be the problem. I've given DB Guest account "Full Access" privileges and WinServer file privilege full control for DB file on known accounts.

Is there a special account for FMS? Any idea on why the 101 error code is received? Advice, help, and/or reference to materials (I already have all FMS 11 documentation for CWP, XML, XSLT, etc -- can't find an answer) is very much appreciated.

Thank you.