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    FMS 11 Adv, using XML getting 101 error code



      FMS 11 Adv, using XML getting 101 error code

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      Hello, Made a huge jump from FMP 6 to FMS/Pro 11 Advanced. Always used XML-CWP with success. Now using XML/Custom Web Publishing on a WinServer 2008. Success in setting up FMS 11 Advanced and reading XML from DB files into PHP encoded Web pages. (Set up is Web server accessing DB server). However, getting an error code 101 (Missing Record) when trying to write to the DB.

      Success Example: http://xxx.xx.xx.xxx:80/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=DB_TEST&-lay=Main&-max=ALL&Email.op=eq&Email=&Pass.op=eq&Pass=&-find

      Fail Example: http://xxx.xx.xx.xxx:80/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=DB_TEST&-lay=Main&-max=50&-recid=33575&SessionID=0621201034925&-edit

      Here, the new SessionID value needs to be entered into the record. Getting Error: 101 (Missing Record). Have verified the -recid value is what the Get(RecordID) generates for that record (no other tables in that DB file). Not sure if WinServer is/might be the problem. I've given DB Guest account "Full Access" privileges and WinServer file privilege full control for DB file on known accounts.

      Is there a special account for FMS? Any idea on why the 101 error code is received? Advice, help, and/or reference to materials (I already have all FMS 11 documentation for CWP, XML, XSLT, etc -- can't find an answer) is very much appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          No suggestions? Or hints?


          How about... has anyone fixed a 101 error before? What was the solution? I ask because in the 15+ years of working with FMP and the 10+ years of working with FMP & the Web, I've never received it before.


          Thanks you.


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            Two days of searching/testing has come up with nothing but the same error.


            I'm really, really stuck on this.  Any suggestions? Anything? It'll be a game stopper for future FileMaker deployments if I can't get through one seemingly small issue.

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              Could you post the PHP codes here so that we can try to figure out what the problem is? It does not sound like a login account issue. If you do not want to disclose your codes, perhaps just posting, say, 30 lines before the error checking line?

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                1. You should use the fmresultset grammar , which is the recommended grammar for CWP, instead of the FMPXMLRESULT grammar. It is much more flexible.
                2. Get the record ID from the XML tree that is returned upon the find, not from Get(RecordID).


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                  Thank you CUITW and Martin!



                  Thank you! Your comment about the XML tree's ID nudged me in the right direction. I examined the difference between the calculated Get(RecordID) value and the XML ID value and they were different. They shouldn't be! So I went into my databases and forced the re-calculation of all my Get(RecordID) values. Since they were converted from FMP 6 to FMP 11, they were holding onto static and useless IDs.


                  Putting everything back into FMSA 11, my initial (very initial) editing tests proved successful.


                  I like the FMPXMLRESULT grammar because I can access everything as an array, similar to $value['field_name']. I'm interested in trying out the FMRESULTSET, but I have hundreds of pages coded to the other grammar and I need to move this project along!


                  Again, thank you very much for your help. I hope I can return the favor someday.