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FMS 11 and external server accounts

Question asked by GTA_doum on Sep 21, 2010
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FMS 11 and external server accounts

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I have a MacMini server with FMS11.  I want to use the external server accounts for security login.  This MacMini connect through LDAP to our main Mac OS X server to get the list of users (Configured through Users, Options, Network account server).

FileMaker server does not read the users list.  How can I make it work ?

I tested by installing FMS onto the main server, and login with external accounts works great !  It is configured the same way under Users, Options, Network account server, except the server is Local Server instead of the domain name (for the MacMini).  Domain name points to the server through internet, and there is a green dot.  If I open the Users Directory from the MacMini, I see the users from the LDAP server.

Any suggestions ?