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    FMS 11 backup folder help/ Automator



      FMS 11 backup folder help/ Automator

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      I'am a newbie so I appologize in advance.  

      So since we update to FMS 11 the backup folders change with every backup with a timestamp, unfortunately this voids my automator scripts to copy a few of the backups to my external drive. Is there a solution for this on the admin console and or automators side?


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          What OS is your server? You may be able to set up a simple system script that moves the backup files to a folder with a consistent name or that renames this folder to something consistent after it is created.

          On my Windows Servers, I use a fairly simple VBScript to copy files from the back up folder to a remote location. It uses the system date to calculate the ever changing file path to the backup files to do so. It could be fairly easily adapted to serve this need if it is compatible with your OS.