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FMS 11 Custom Web Publish - Order Info/Tracking

Question asked by JonWilson on Aug 22, 2014


FMS 11 Custom Web Publish - Order Info/Tracking

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     Looking at the documentation, solutions, etc, I am unable to tell exactly where I should be looking to find a solution that will fit our needs. We've got FMS 11 setup and running and use it internally via the desktop program, now we want to expose part of the info to outside customers via web. I'm hoping if I explain our needs the community can point me in the right direction to find a solution!

     We'd like to provide a simple webpage for customers to enter in their order number and receive status/tracking info for it. If you know the order number you can get basic info. (yes this is a security concern, see below)

     We don't want the whole account exposed, just some very basic info. It appears that IWP (or WebDirect if we upgrade) is not the way to go for this. We'd like to not have to assign usernames and passwords, so we'd want just barebones order info shown with no personal account info of the customer. This will hopefully mitigate the security concerns of being able to pull up any order with only an order number.

     This does not require the ability to make any changes on the customer's part, just informational only. However if the data changes in the database we'd want that reflected in the output, so we'd like to avoid using static web pages.

     That's it to start, should we be looking at FileMaker PHP/XML publishing, moving to the newer version of FileMaker and using WebDirect, looking for a FileMaker consultant, etc? Thanks in advance for any assistance!