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FMS 11 Database server not available after install

Question asked by AndreasT on Dec 16, 2010
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FMS 11 Database server not available after install

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I have trouble installing FMS on a Windows 2003 Server SP2 machine. 

The Admin Console will not start, it reports that the database server is not available and offers to restart it, which produces another error that it cannot be started.

However, the  database server IS running as I can connect from FM Pro to the Sample database.

I have verified that the FileMaker Server service is running as well as the two server processes and the server admin process.

I hare tried to repair, uninstall, and reinstall with restarts in between. Same problem.

Trying to use fmsadmin from the command line does not work either, fmsadmin is not recognized as a command.

Running the Admin console from a remote machine does not work either. Same error.

I need to use the Admin Console to configure the server, so if anyone have any advice, I would be grateful.