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FMS 11 databases accessible but not in proper location

Question asked by dysartj on Feb 24, 2015
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FMS 11 databases accessible but not in proper location

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I have FMS Server 11 running on MacOS 10.5.8. I can remotely access the databases and all data is correct. However, the databases located at LIBRARY>FILEMAKER SERVER>DATA>DATABASES are not the ones being updated as information is added.

As part of a bi-weekly archival procedure for one particular database, I drag it from the folder using the option key to make a duplicate on the desktop. I am careful not to move the original file that is controlled by FMS.

I noticed that the last three archives are identical, even though the total database has been emptied and new and different  data imported on three separate occasions.

To add to the confusion (and fortunately provide the current data), the files in the BACKUPS folder in FMS>DATA contain the correct current data.

I believe the issue stems from a restore of a particular database from Time Machine after the data in the database at the time were deleted in error. Note that when the restoration occurred, the database to be replaced was first closed through FMServer. When the Restore occurred, the usual procedural cautions and questions in Time Machine did not activate, but the restore appeared to work.

If it were only that database having the current problem, I would understand, but all the databases in 4 sub-folders have the same issue.

The question is:  "Where are the databases that are updating and being backed up by FMS?"  They are definitely not in LIBRARY>FILEMAKER SERVER> DATA


To repair, I plan to Close all databases, Remove all databases via FM Server, copy the backups from the DATABASES Folder in Backups to the DATABASES FOLDER then start Server and Open all.

My fear is this will not connect new file from the backups but will still be accessing the "HIDDEN databases" that are currently being backed up

Thanks for any help or clarity you may be able to give.