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    FMS 11 Memory leak during backup



      FMS 11 Memory leak during backup

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      We seem to be experiencing a memory leak when FM server backups its databases. It's completely repeatable I'm just not sure how to fix the issue. The bigger problem is I'm not a database admin and only have limited experience with FM 6 up until our move to 11. The deal is we are an Optometry practice and we run the Maximeyes practice management software at our company and usually all our support for Filemaker is handled by the software developers. However, they don't seem to have an answer to this memory leak issue so I'm posting here in hopes of an answer. The only thing I did get from them was to check the cache dump size on the server, which I did but they have not gotten back to me on how/if I should adjust it. Right now 'RAM reserved for database cache' is set to 64mb and the 'Cache flush distribution interval is set to 00:01.

      • FMS
      • Dell PE R710
      • 2008 R2 x64 OS
      • 12 GB memory

      I have not observed what happens during the backups but right after the backups have run, the system memory is completely used up. As soon as you stop and start the filemaker services, the memory is released and all is normal again. This appears to happen every night when the FM backup runs. The backups run when nobody is on the system of course and no other backup of my own or any other kind of process is scheduled to run when FM is doing its backup.

      Our FM/Maximeyes system contains 52 databases totaling 10.7 gigs with the largest single database being 2.2 gigs in size. There are 3 databases below that at 1.6, 1.6, and 1.3 gigs in size. The rest are below 1 gb all the wa down to a few megabytes.

      Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? Again, not a database admin or very experienced with FM. About all I know how to do is run consistency checks/repairs on the databases.



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          Are these backups scheduled by FMServer? (I would think so, but let's be sure.)

          Does the status of the scheduled backup change from "running" back to "OK" or does it stay at "Running"?

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            Yes, what I'm talking about are FMServer's built-in backups. Our developer set them up in the Admin Console but I changed the backup time to 10pm instead of 7pm and the location from the default location to "D:\dailybackups". Filemaker server is installed on the D: as well.

            Good question about the status, I never went into the console and checked, I just went straight to restarting the service. I'll check tonight after they run and see what the status shows.



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              Well after it appeared that the backups were done, the status in the admin console was 'ok' and it said the backups completed at 10:39pm. So evidently it's taking 39 minutes to back them up. I don't understand FM's backup process or anything but from what I can see it just copies the databases to another directory and that shouldn't take anywhere near 40 minutes. If I just manually backup the databases by coping them into a new directory, it takes about 6 minutes.

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                Perhaps that's a clue in itself. From the server log, a 400+ megabyte file on my system was backed up by server (unverified) in 16 seconds. A nightly, verified back up took about 2 minutes by the time the consistency check finished and that was when two other files were being backed up and verified in the same schedule.

                Using Server 10 on a Winserver 2003 system in my case...

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                  Wait, so are you telling me that the backups for FM 11 also perform a consistency check on all the databases as part of the backup procedure? That would kind of explain the whole 39 minutes to backup thing. I'm still no closer to knowing what is causing the memory problem though. I'm thinking I'll likely have to call Filemaker support on this one.

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                    Consistency checks are a back up option you can specify when you set up the schedule. Our hourly backups do not verify as this can slow down server performance. Our nightly backups do verify to help ensure that the archival backups are in good shape.

                    The largest file I have is just under 4 GB in size. It takes 8 minutes to back up and an additional 12 to verify it. On your system, you should be able to find both events listed separately in the log if you are making verified backups.

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                      The memory leak issue is known by FM.  An updater for FMS is expected very soon which should greatly reduce the issues.  We have to reboot are box nightly otherwise memory usage continues to climb and eventually the console quits responding.  Simply, FMS does not perform proper garbage collection and is not releasing resources as it should.

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                         Has this issue been resolved, LaRetta?  When our backups stop our RAM doesn't recover and stays at about 90%.