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    FMS 11 Password Reset



      FMS 11 Password Reset

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           I need to reset the admin user id and password for our FMS-11 installation and have read the KB on how to do this. I am concerned about the warning contained in the KB about losing any Schedules and non-default settings.  since the developer is no longer available and we have no documentation on what he did, is there some way for me to tell if we have any schedules or non-default settings in our configuration that will be lost?  We do have a few users who have admin rights from the client based application.  

      this is the specific message in the KB:  WARNING: Any schedules and non-default settings will be lost. Backups, Databases, and Plug-ins will NOT be touched by this process.  



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               Linda Lounsbury:


               Thank you for the post.


               Not to seem obvious but any schedules created in the Admin Console beyond the default ones created during installation will be deleted in the process.


               The reference to "non-default settings" means that any setting that is not a default during installation will also be deleted. 


               Everything mentioned above can all be recreated, but without access to the Admin Console, there is no way to save or edit those schedules or settings. 



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                 thank you, that is what I suspected.  Fortunately, we uncovered  documentation that had the admin account information, so we didn't have to perform a reset.