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FMS 11: Warning 200 client denied access inside a LAN

Question asked by AndreasHeydwolff on Oct 31, 2011
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FMS 11: Warning 200 client denied access inside a LAN

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Hello all,

this is an  isue with essentially the same error message as in "FMServer Warning 200 Client Issue report posted March 31, 2009 by KBanasiakwork" but seemingly with a different trigger.
The setup: A local network of Windows machines running in VirtualBox for Linux hosts. One machine has FMS on W2K3 on it, three Win XP clients have a FMP 11.0v3 client, with three different licenses A B and C in the clients. Since a most probably unrelated upgrade to VirtualBox 4.1.4 client B cannot access FMS anymore (the virtual machines with clients A and C partake in the same VBox install on the same server).
The other clients A and C can accesss FMS, and a client with a second instance of the C license can log in as well as long as C in its original location is not in use. Initially I received an error email (as administrator) saying
Warning 200 SERVERNAME Client "(hostname) []" denied access because the license key is already in use by client "myusername (hostname) []"
I updated FMS 11 from version 2.217 to 3.309, reinstalled the FMP client, did enough restarts - all to no avail. I do not even receive error mails any more but when trying to open a remote connection the coffee cup displays and after a long while FMP goes blank with a timeout as not even the start screen of my database is being retrieved. The error occurs even when no other client is logged in and "fmsadmin list clients" shows no results. I am reluctant to reinstall FMS but it seems to be the only thing I've not yet tried. I fear that afterwards the same will happen again.tcpdump on the real Linux server on which the virtual W2K3 is running with FMS shows network traffic between both the FMS and the client B virtual machines but FMS has no records of connection attempts in its logs. It is not a firewall problem in W2K3 as the other clients A and C play together nicely with FMS, just as they should.
Any ideas will be highly appreciated...