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    FMS 12 Advanced (on Server 10.7) and Java 7



      FMS 12 Advanced (on Server 10.7) and Java 7

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           On my server, I've updated the Java installation to the latest one (as described in the support articles) but now my admin console doesn't appear. I get 2 blank pop up windows, one that's entitled "Security Information" and the other is "Starting Application...".

           FMS is runnig as I can access all my hosted files but the console doesn't want to start. Attached is a screenshot (it's fairly useless but it's a screenie nonetheless)


           Mac Mini Server 10.7.5

           FMS12 advanced v3

           Is there something else I can do?



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               Aaron Ho:

               Thank you for the post.

               What is the update version of Java 7? 

               Are you working remotely or from the physical FileMaker Server? If remote, can you test logged in without a remote connection?


               FileMaker, Inc.


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                 The update version is 13.

                 I am working remotely from the physical FileMaker Server. I'm not sure what you mean by "test logged in without a remote connection". Do you mean physically logging into the machine? 

                 FMS is running right now and I can access my existing hosted files.


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                   Aaron Ho:

                   Thank you for the prompt reply.

                   Yes. I am wondering about the results if the remote connection is eliminated. If possible, instead log into the physical server machine with a keyboard and mouse. Working with a local connection to the server removes potential port conflicts. 


                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Is there anything else that we could try/test before? The server sits in a secure location and it would take a couple of days to gain access to it.

                     Can I uninstall the Java and re-install it? Would that help?

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                       The issue appears to be related to having no monitor attached to the system.  I was in the same situation, where all the Java console and Java based pages were blank.  When I connected my server to a monitor, with a local mouse and keyboard all worked normally.  As a test I disconnected monitor, mouse and keyboard and then connected from laptop using screen share.  The problem returned.  I then connected the monitor only, reconnected using screen share and was able to get Java pages to display correctly.  In this last scenario the mouse pointer was not accurate relative to objects on the page.  I had to click well above the object to get it to activate. 

                       Previously I tried all the options to uninstall java, restart, Apple update, restart, ...  nothing would get past the blank java pages until I connected a monitor.  One trick that did work somewhat, was to drag the java applet page off the screen then drag it back. This sometimes resulted in a refresh where the content would display.  You would then need to adjust the pointer above the object in order to select them.  I was also able to log on and do some actions blind, as the pages are active, just not displaying.

                       some addition info: server was remote to my location with no monitor attached. I have since connected it to monitor and am able to manage it.  I was connecting using Screen Sharing. Also tried with LogMeIn.  Same problem with either mothod of connecting.  My assumption is that the Java code is reading the physical screen info to determine how to paint and read mouse actions, and with no physical screen, is painting screen in neverland.


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                         Thanks Leland, the moving FMS windows off the screen refreses the window so now I can use the FMS GUI.

                         I am connecting via Screen Sharing through OS X and having an external monitor hooked up to the server is out of the question since it sits on a rack at the web-hosting place.


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                      Markus Schneider

                           just to keep that clear: It is a bug!!

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                             Having the same issue with Mac mini server running 10.7.5, Java 1.7.0_17-b02, and FileMaker Server The issue is clearly with Java, even Java's own Control Panel windows are blank, but this is a major problem for FileMaker Server admins and we need fix soon - the CLI is a temporary workaround, but way too cumbersome for most tasks.
                             FYI, both dragging the window off the edge of the screen, and toggling the 'Use LCD font smoothing when available' get the blank Java windows to refresh, but in my case the admin windows are still basically unusable. Both ARD and Screen Sharing have the same issue. Pluggin in a monitor appears to be the only fix, but is unrealalsitic in colocation environments as mentioned above by Aaron.