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FMS 12 Cannot find Admin Console

Question asked by JulienBouchard on May 16, 2012
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FMS 12 Cannot find Admin Console

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We recently upgraded our Xserve to Lion (because FMS 12 does not support 10.5...) and it was a very tedious process.

So after that I installed FMS 12 than converted and uploaded the databases, everything worked well until I set up the sharing service in Lion Server, after a while, the lovely Server app gave up an error that it could not read the settings...


Great... now I have to restart the server. Than I realize that the Filemaker Server Admin Console is no longer on my desktop and cannot be found.


The FMS servie is on and coworkers can work remotely on databases, so I know it is working, however I cannot use the Admin Console...


Can anyone tell me where to find it?


Thank you