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FMS 12 deployment won' t start

Question asked by JanPacina on Dec 2, 2012
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FMS 12 deployment won' t start

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     Hello everybody,

     I have a problem with deploying FM Server 12 Advanced on my Win7 64-bit laptop. The installation finishes, the browser goes to localhost:16000 and the server management file *.jnlp is downloaded. When I try to run (double-click) the jnlp file to finish the server deployemnt NOTHING happens. The "busy" wheel shows for 5seconds and nothing. I have tried re-installing my Java, but no change.

     I have succesfully instaled this release on my Win 2008 server and on my  laptop was running FM Server 11 a year ago. I would like to have the FMS 12 on my laptop for testing purposes, as I do want to make silly stuf on the real server.

     Thank you for showing me the right way, as I am fooling around the last couple of days.