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FMS 12 v4 Error In Automatically Opening Databases when IWP Enabled

Question asked by TimSiglin on Apr 25, 2013
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FMS 12 v4 Error In Automatically Opening Databases when IWP Enabled

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     Anyone else have this problem?

     When I upload a non-IWP-enabled database to FMS/A 12 v4 (uploading from a local computer equipped with FMP/A 12 v4) and choose the checkbox in Database Upload Assistant to automatically open the database upon upload, everything works well: the FMS/A admin console reports it as open, and another copy of FMP/A 12 v4 on a separate machine can access the remote database.

     BUT if I follow the same process after enabling IWP on the same file (after stopping / removing the non-IWP version from the server) the Database Upload Assistant reports that the db file has been uploaded and opened successfully. Yet the newly uploaded file is not actually open, and doesn't even show up on the list of db files for FMP/A 12 v4 to open on the separate machine.

     The db file can be accessed via IWP, but no amount of cajoling at the Admin Console level (in the form of pausing closing the database, attempting to re-open, etc) will allow the Admin Console to report the database as open—or allow the remote FMP/A 12 v4 user to access the db file remotely. 

     I've replicated this over several db files, with no change except for enabling IWP on the db file before uploading it to FMS/A. 

     Screenshot attached for the visually motivated.