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    FMS 12.0.2 update doesn't solve the XML CWP portal bug - ???



      FMS 12.0.2 update doesn't solve the XML CWP portal bug - ???

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      The FileMaker Server 12.0.2 update info page http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11044/  states that it:

      "Addressed an issue in Custom Web Publishing where XML query commands were not returning XML tags for empty fields in related records displayed in a portal. The issue occurred when querying databases that had been converted from .fp7 to .fmp12."

      We have been plagued with this problem since moving to FM 12, and have been counting on this update so solve the problem so that our web site, which relies on the XML, will no longer be a shambles.

      I installed the update this morning, and I'm very disappointed to report that the XML problem still exists. I can supply XML query results that clearly show that the number of <FIELD> tags is not the same as the number of <COL> tags when unpopulated portals are on a layout, the exact same problem as before.

      What can I do, after waiting 3 months for this update?


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          I've just noticed that the XML returned for both the FMPXMLRESULT and FMRESULTSET grammars list this:

           <product build="03/15/2012" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/>

           My Admin Console and the "start page" both list that FMS is "Current Installed Version:"

           Is it possible that the updater didn't update the Web Publishing Engine component.... ?

          This IS a single-machine deployment.


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            Troy Meyers:

            Thank you for your post.

            I would like to gather some additional information in order to narrow this down. What operating system is FileMaker Server 12v2 installed to? What are the full system specifications of the hardware as well?

            When the update was installed, what process was used? A full uninstall and reinstall or running the standalone updater?

            You refer to this only happening in converted .fp7 database files. Does that mean any database files built in FMP 12 do not exhibit the same behavior?

            If you create a new layout with the same fields, does the same behavior occur?

            FileMaker, Inc.


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              The installation is on a Mac Lion Mini Server whose sole purpose is to be the FileMaker Server. Here are the specs:

                Model Name:Mac mini

                Model Identifier:Macmini5,3

                Processor Name:Intel Core i7

                Processor Speed:2 GHz

                Number of Processors:1

                Total Number of Cores:4

                L2 Cache (per Core):256 KB

                L3 Cache:6 MB

                Memory:8 GB

                Boot ROM Version:MM51.0077.B0F

                SMC Version (system):1.77f0

                Serial Number (system):C07HC0XADJY7

                Hardware UUID:E1386CD5-174D-52E7-A12F-002EF5F0D081

              It's got 2 drives, but the 2nd drive is only for the incremental backup (the normal backups are to a FireWire-connected ext. drive)

              The startup drive is an SSD:

               Capacity:120.03 GB (120,034,123,776 bytes)

                Model:OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD              


                Serial Number:EX6G12012E16J6787   

                Native Command Queuing:Yes

                Queue Depth:32

                Removable Media:No

                Detachable Drive:No

                BSD Name:disk0

                Medium Type:Solid State

                TRIM Support:No

                Bay Name:Lower

                Partition Map Type:GPT (GUID Partition Table)

                S.M.A.R.T. status:Verified



                Capacity:209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes)

                BSD Name:disk0s1


              Server 2 HD:

                Capacity:119.17 GB (119,174,365,184 bytes)

                Available:84.93 GB (84,930,064,384 bytes)


                File System:Journaled HFS+

                BSD Name:disk0s2

                Mount Point:/


              Recovery HD:

                Capacity:650 MB (650,002,432 bytes)

                BSD Name:disk0s3



              The update was applied yesterday. I followed the instructions on http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11044/

              I disconnected all clients, closed all databases, shut down the WPE, shut down the database server, closed the Admin Console.

              Then I used the updater.


              Today, hoping a full-install might do the trick I downloaded the full installer from the link provided under my Maintainance Agreement. I saved my Schedules using the utility in the Admin Console. I shut everything down as done above. I used the 12.0.1 installer to UNinstall FMS 12.0.1. I rebooted. I used the new 12.0.2 full installer to reinstall. I did the steps to deploy as a single machine, as it was before. I reloaded my Schedules and reuploaded my databases. The same problem persists.

              I do not have any databases that were originally constructed in FMP 12. All of my databases were converted.

              Under the prior version I went through the exercise of freshly recreating a layout to try to solve the problem, as reported in an earlier thread. It did not help then. I haven't tried it yet (and won't unless you feel it is necessary) because the layouts are quite complex. The one I've been testing with has 145 fields and 6 portals. It took me a couple of hours to do it before. I do still have that layout, which WAS entirely constructed (no copy and paste) manually under FMP 12, and it also has the same problem when tested today (after the full-install), with an XML query using the FMPXMLRESULT grammar.


              Did I miss any details?


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                I forgot to state the System version, I think. Mac OS X Server 10.7.4


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                  I expect that it is worth mentioning that after doing the un-install and full install the WPE XML output now lists this:

                  <PRODUCT BUILD="06/21/2012" NAME="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" VERSION=""/>

                  ...so it seems clear that the full install did something differently than the updater.

                  However, that appears to be the only change in the output, the FMPXMLRESULT grammar is still broken, having more <FIELD> tags than <COL> tags, in the same situations as I previously reported.


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                    Troy Meyers:

                    Thank you for your post.

                    The full updater changing the WPE XML output to reflect the newer version is useful information. Thank you for that.

                    To link the threads together, here is your original report:

                    SERIOUS bug: FileMaker Server 12 Web Publishing Engine omitting portal data from RESULT

                    I added frequency to the original bug report, and brought to our Quality Department’s attention that this issue is still occurring. 

                    FileMaker, Inc.