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FMS 13 and Port Forwarding

Question asked by on Dec 13, 2013


FMS 13 and Port Forwarding

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     I have FMS installed on a Late 2012 Mac Mini as my development machine.  Installation went off without a hitch.  Since my ISP blocks port 80 I have forwarded port 8080 to 80 (as I have done in the past) and after moving my existing web files to htdocs I'm able to access my php files.  Testing CWP locally works great too.

     Unfortunately, most of my site development takes place on other servers.  When I try to connect to my solutions via the PHP API from files on another server it fails to connect and returns "Communication Error: (7) couldn't connect to host - 7".

     Is there something within the new server configuration that prevents this connection from taking place?