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FMS 13 and unintended Java updates

Question asked by EricJungemann on Apr 29, 2015
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FMS 13 and unintended Java updates

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We’re getting a lot of crashes (FMS 13.0.5, multiple generic Mac OS 10.10 machines) relating to memory issues.

One of the FMS threads is being sent to an impossible address.  See linked file.  This is not hardware as it is multiple machines.  It is not anything special on these machines . . . generic out of the box Mac OS X.  
We suspect it is Java 8 getting installed.  A call to FileMaker support indicates Java 8 is a deal breaker for FMS 13.
We use a 28 step checklist on our installs that includes suppressing Java updates in the Java Preferences (so the FMS installed JRE stays installed) but keep seeing Java 8 showing up and the crashes occuring.
Turns out that you can’t suppress updates from the Java 7 Control panel, it rechecks by itself and then will eventually load Java 8(!!!!)
Bug fixed in Java 8 (which is ironic since we’re trying to prevent it at all costs).  FileMaker support says Java 8 breaks FMS and I believe them.
Workaround in terminal (so our favorite database server needs a Terminal entry to correctly install?).
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ JavaAutoUpdateEnabled -bool false
Of course, this is strictly not a FileMaker Inc. issue except that FMS crashes.
Are we missing something?