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FMS 13 Deployment Assistant Error - Java?

Question asked by JeffBeidler on Jan 10, 2014


FMS 13 Deployment Assistant Error - Java?

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     I am trying to get FMS13 set up on a Mac Mini server running Mavericks (10.9.1).  The machine is brand new, and has had all the latest updates installed.  The first time I attempted setup, I got stuck when running the Deployment Assistant.  It looked like a Java error, so I checked for and found Java 7 Update 45.  After installing Update 45, the Deployment Assistant completed.  However, after attempting to make a change to the deployment, the Admin Console/Deployment Assistant hung up.  I ended up completely removing and reinstalling FileMaker Server, but ran into the same kind of Java error at Step 1 of the Deployment Assistant.  I can't get the server deployed at all, now!  Help!

     Screenshot of the error is attached.