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FMS 13 on OS X *Server* 10.9 -- WebDirect not working after server restart?  Or *extremely slow to...

Question asked by maser on Dec 4, 2013
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FMS 13 on OS X *Server* 10.9 -- WebDirect not working after server restart?  Or *extremely slow to start*?

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     So, on my test 10.9 server...

     I uninstalled FMSA 12, installed and configured FMS 13.   All the installation steps worked as expected (and the installer prompted me to that my sites that run on port 80 and 443 would be disabled.)

     If I check post-FMS 13 install -- "Websites" is turned "off".  No errors were generated by the deployment and I *only* enabled WebDirect (not XML or PHP) to see how this is suppose to work.

     Once installed, my clients can connect to my databases without issue.

     However, if I try to test the "Sample" database -- at https://<hostname>fmi/webd#FMServer_Sample

     There is a small grey spinning wheel on the web page and then I get this:

Custom Web Publishing Technology disabled; WebDirect is turned OFF.

     But, according to the FMS 13 Admin Console, "Enable FileMaker WebDirect" is turned on.  


     I toggled this and -- after maybe 10 minutes -- the Sample database *does* finally come up in a web browser (no idea why it took so long...)   So maybe it's working?


     At this point, I restarted my server.

     After my 10.9 Server restarted, I waited about 10 minutes.

     I go back to the sample database URL.

     and I get this:

     Not Found

     The requested URL /fmi/webd was not found on this server.

If I go back to the Sample database URL.

     And if I open "" -- "Websites" is now turned back *on*. (!)

     If I turn Websites back *off* (remember, it *was turned off* after installation) and I go back to the URL, I now get this:


     Websites are turned off.

     An administrator can turn them on using the Server application.


     I reboot the server a second time -- "Websites" stays "off" in this time.

     But, after this second reboot, even the admin-console does not come up -- until about 8 minutes after the server has restarted.

     And, as above, "Websites are turned off" if I try to reopen the sample database in a browser.


     So, because I use OSX Server for Client database authentication ("external server accounts"), I can not uninstall OSX Server (as listed as a possible recommendation in the "getting started" PDF.


     What am I missing here?   It *sounds* like some Apache conflict, but I don't know where to look here...


     - Steve