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FMS 13 Trial Installation Fail on Windows 2012

Question asked by CodySteele on Dec 4, 2013
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FMS 13 Trial Installation Fail on Windows 2012

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     Has anyone seen the following failure mode while installing FileMaker Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012:

     1) Unzip fms_trial_13.0.1.224.exe
     2) Open FileMaker Server 13 Trial folder and double click Setup.exe... nothing happens (Does this indicate a problem?)
     3) Open Files folder and double click Setup.exe
     4) Select language and click OK
     5) Click Next on InstallShield Wizard
     6) Click Next on Before You Begin page
     7) Accept the License Agreement
     8) Click Next on Destination Folder
     9) Select Single Machine and click Next
     10) Select Local System and click Next
     11) Enter User Name and Organization and click Next
     12) Click Install on Ready to Install page... wait a really long time
     13) Receive an error box which reads:
     To install FileMaker Server, ports 80 and 443 must be available.  The following ports are in use: 80.  To disable the websites on these ports, click Disable Websites.
     Note: IIS is installed, but the default page is on port 81.  Browsing to the server on port 80 generates a 404 error confirming no http server on that port.
     14) Click Disable Websites... nothing happens
     15) Exit Loop If [something happened above]
     16) Else goto step 12.

     What am I doing wrong?  This is a raw server I'm attempting to install on for testing.