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FMS 13v1a breaks FMS when "Require Secure Connections" is check marked

Question asked by JohnDCCIU on Apr 23, 2014
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FMS 13v1a breaks FMS when "Require Secure Connections" is check marked

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     I've been running FMS 13v1 successfully for awhile on OS X 10.9, with "Require Secure Connections" checkmarked in the Database Server section and a commercial SSL cert from GoDaddy installed with fmsadmin.

     I applied the first "emergency fix" that FMI put out, which involved copying files to certain places on the server.  That also worked fine.

     I saw that they released a real updater and applied that tonight....and that seems to have broken something.  Now if "Require Secure Connections" is checkmarked, hosted databases do not appear in the FM client (even a client running on the same machine as the server).  The server shows up under "Local Hosts", but no databases appear.

     All databases show as opened and Normal on the server, and if I uncheck "Require Secure Connections" and restart the server, all the databases appear just fine.

     Note that I'm not talking about Web Services:  this is the core fmnet protocol functionality.  However, it also is broken (The server test page for both WebDirect and PHP fail) when "Require Secure Connections" is enabled in the core server, and it starts working again when "Require Secure Connections" is unchecked.

     Is anyone else seeing this?  Any ideas on a fix?  I wouldn't want to run my server without SSL security for very long.