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FMS 14 deployment issues

Question asked by WayneMuelver on May 21, 2015
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FMS 14 deployment issues

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Nearly a week into setting up FMS Server 14 I still find myself wishing there were a Half-Blood Prince version (Harry Potter reference there) of the FileMaker 14 setup guide. There are just huge leaps made in the assumptions about what the user knows. I need someone to fill in the missing instructions. What should be a step by step setup guide says things like, "check your settings and try again" yet it never says what the settings should be or how to find out what they should be. But I digress...

My issues include:

1. WebDirect was working fine in FMS 13, and immediately upon setting up the WebDirect deployment in FMS 14, I get an error saying the connection was refused. The only way I could proceed with deployment was to disable WebDirect. All the directions I have found say that if it doesn't work I should fix it so that it does. Not very helpful.

2. I can't access the admin console from a remote machine anymore either. I have a feeling this issue may be related to the first, but I don't know where to start.

3. I have recently added an FQDN when I created my custom SSL certificate when Filemaker removed support for it's own several weeks ago with the final release of FMS 13. The new domain and SSL certificate worked fine in FMP 13 and FMG 13 (I was only able to accomplish that thanks to you guys in the community. The FileMaker documentation on how to accomplish all of that was equally presumptive and esoteric). Since updating to FMS 14 the SSL certificate stopped working. I was able to fix that by getting the certificate re-issued and re-installing it, no thanks to the FM documentation that didn't mention any of this as a step in the update process. Now it is working again in FMP 14, but FMG 14 says it can not verify the certificate.

Additional info: My server is in a co-location data center and there is no firewall or router in front of it, so all ports are open according to the support team at the data center.

Thanks for the help.