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    FMS 9 Admin Console shows number



      FMS 9 Admin Console shows number

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      Dear All,

      I have Mac OS X 10.5.8 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advance on my machine. We are using FileMaker Pro 9 sever for our internal database . When I log-in to our database using File->Open Remote and then in Hosts box click on IP address it takes 15 second to open databases list on FileMaker Pro Sever. After I log-in to the database and look at the Filemaker pro Server Admin Console and Client list there is not my IP address, under IP address there is some thing like [fd60:3593:er1h:4f3c:ffcb:fb33:b2b4]


      1. What is that number [fd60:3593:er1h:4f3c:ffcb:fb33:b2b4]?

      2. How can I get my IP address instead of that number?


      Your help will be appreciate.


      Please let me know if you need more information.


      Thanks in advance


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          Thank you for your post.


          That long number is the IPv6 IP Address.  The short one is your IPv4 IP Address.


          The long IPv6 IP Address can be turned off.  Go into System Preferences, click on Network, select "Built-in Ethernet", and click "Advanced...",  In the next screen, you will see your short IPv4 IP Address, and in the lower half, your long IPv6 Address.  In the pop-up next to "Configure IPv6", change this to "Off".  All other machines will need to do this, too.



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