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    fms 9 adv and JSE6 on MacOS 10.5.7



      fms 9 adv and JSE6 on MacOS 10.5.7

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      Is it possible to run FMS 9 or 10 ADV on a 64-bit Mac pro if the updates have been done to 10.5.7?


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          Thank you for your post.


          At this time, no problems have been reported with FileMaker Server 9 or 10 with OS X 10.5.7.  Therefore, it will probably work, even though it hasn't been tested.


          On a separate note, is there a reason why you need to run FileMaker Server on a laptop?



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            Hi TSGal,

            I just responded to your suggestion to me in another thread.



            Thank you for this response as well.

            My own computer is a laptop, so I tried the Admin Utility on it (having had no success on the desktop that holds Server). I am not running server on it. 

            Because it is an Intal Core Duo it does not support 64 Bit and therefore Java on it is the older version. I noted some concerns posted re Java 6 and the Admin Utility, so I figured using my laptop would eliminate that variable in my trouble-shooting.

            It is good to hear that there should be no issue. As indicated to you in the other thread, I am going to install FMPro Server 10 on 10.5.7.

            Hopefully that will solve my issues.

            Thanks again