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FMS 9 Crash

Question asked by nbea.intern on Nov 15, 2011


FMS 9 Crash

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I was running throught a configuration of file sharing on FileMaker Server 9 and when it got to IIS I selected cancel because web services was not something that I wanted to apply on my database. When I selected cancel I received an error message and now whenever I try to log into FMS 9 the same error message showed up "an unknown error occured." And now FMS 9 removed its self from the start menu but FMS 9 Start Page is still there. FMS 9 is also still in the program files. When I select Open from the FMS9 Start Page it says "application cannot be opened." Is this going to be best resolved by reinstalling FMS 9 or is there an easier fix?

any suggestions would be helpful!