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FMS 9 PHP security issue

Question asked by tas on Apr 23, 2009
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FMS 9 PHP security issue

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I have installed FileMaker Server 9 and Web Publishing Engine on the same machine as the Web Server (Apache on Mac X Server 10.4) and  I am using PHP. How do I restrict access to the Filemaker databases through php, so that there are only accessible locally from the Web Server only?


The firewall on the server has all FileMaker related ports 5003, 160xx, 50003, 50006 closed.  Yet, I am a able to connect and access the filemaker  database from an external computer through php code.


According to the FileMaker's document "FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing with PHP":

"Configure your web server to restrict the IP addresses that can access your databases via the Web Publishing Engine. For example, specify that only web users from the IP address can access your databases. For information on restricting IP addresses, see the documentation for your web server. "


Can anyone point out to me where can I find such documentation?