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    FMS PHP API very slow



      FMS PHP API very slow

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      I have FMS installed on my Windows XP development machine, PHP version 5.2.9. I've been trying to display data from a 900-MB filemaker database using the PHP API. My problem is that it loads data extermely slow. It doesn't make any difference either if I set the newFindAllCommand instance to display only, let's say, 10 rows: setRange(0, 10). I even have to lift off the time limit and increase the allocated memory just to be able to display any data.


      I know a big database is one cause for the slow performance, well which shouldn't always be the case. Does anybody know a workaround for this problem? Do I lack any further configurations in my PC?


      Thanks guys.




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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          Limiting the number of records is good, but how much data is being displayed for each record?  If each record has 500 fields with lots of text, then it will be definitely slow things down.


          It is recommended FileMaker Server run on a dedicated server.  If not, this could affect performance.


          Other performance considerations is the network and how it is set up.  Any information on the network setup may be helpful.



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