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FMS ADV 12 DISASTER on Win Srvr 2011 w/ IIS 7.5 (also on Win Srvr 2003)

Question asked by PaulHeimbach on Aug 30, 2012


FMS ADV 12 DISASTER on Win Srvr 2011 w/ IIS 7.5 (also on Win Srvr 2003)

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Just purchased two high end HP servers and installed Windows Server 2011 with the intent of migrating from FM11 - which had been living on two Windows 2003 servers - to these two and FM12 (Server Advanced).

I brought the servers (both 64bit) online over this last weekend, installed FM12, installed the 2.232 update and everything seemed good, at least on the database side.

The installation of the "Production" server on the first one has performed flawlessly.  "Production" in this case means that only the Database server is running, but the webserver is not.

The other server, our "WEB" server, has been a horrible disappointment.

In brief:
1. neither the IWP test nor the CWP test in the technology test page works properly, and
2. installing mySQL 64-bit ODBC connector to communicate with our offsite mySQL databases crashes the *database* side of the server, but not the web side. (and not the box, thankfully) the minute a single mySQL DSN is accessed by a database. 
When I install the 32 bit bridge, nothing crashes, but we get a "Architecture Mismatch Error" over ODBC.  (And yes, I'm using the ../Win64SysWOW/ ... version of the ODBC Administrator, specifically for the 32 bit connector.)

I get Error 500 results when dealing with the IWP and the CWP.
The error I get on the IWP test is "HTTP ERROR 500 - Internal Server Error:

Calling LoadLibraryEx on ISAPI filter "C:\Program Files\Filemaker\FileMakerServer\WebPublishing\publishing-engine\web-server-support\iis\isapi_redirect.dll" failed.

CWP error is similar.

If you need more information, let me know.

Also tried upgrading our FM11 Server Advanced installation on the old Windows Server 2003 Web box last night.  Again, everything went in fine, and THIS time IWP also works from the Test page, but CWP generates a "404 Page Not Found" error from the Test Page, and a message of "Unable to Open File" when I try to open one of the websites for which we'd been using CWP before this week.

And, as with the 64-bit server, the 32-bit server on Server 2003 has the same ODBC Connector issues with mySQL Connector 5.1.1 -- everything is stable in the Administrator and with the Web server until I open on of the databases - then the database server simply crashes.  (Which would rule out the 64bit -> 32bit -> 32bit mismatch theory.)
There are, frustratingly, NO error messages.

I'm not the database developer, so while I suspect that his programming might be a source of error, I don't know how to check this.

This is costing IT, and the company, DAYS of productivity, and probably 4 days of Labor Day vacation, so any answers are welcome.