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    FMS Advanced V12 will not install?



      FMS Advanced V12 will not install?

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           I purchased a copy of FMS Advanced V12 through the volume licensing option and when I attempted to install it on a new iMac 24 inch, it gets to the end of the installation program and a message in sheet window simple states "error creating user", and then after pressing OK, it goes through the copying files process all over again and you get the same message.

           I've uninstalled - even though there doesn't seem to be much there - and re-installed without success.  

           Can't tell if this is related to something in the new iMac's or if it's something else.  Any ideas?

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               same problem here, i use version 12.2 on Mountain Lion server


               i download it from http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11044


               any help appricieated .

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                 Hello again, 

                 it seems i  managed to fix the issue with My problem, i list down the steps here feel free to try it at your own risk.  I am on Mac Platform (10.8.2 Macmini Server)

                 01. I installed  FileMaker Server Advanced  12 (fms_12.0.1.178) 

                 02. When its ask to deploy it  do not  start deploy the server 

                 03. Download the update from http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11044 (only update) then install it , this may be gives you  notification  that this application canot run while Filemaker Server open.  If you get that error message  open the Terminal application (under utilities) and type  

            fmsadmin stop server

            04. Then you will be able to install the update. 

            05. When you finish the update you can  start deploy FM server. my version didn't gave me any trouble at this point and it worked smoothly.

            06. When you finish deploy  FM server you can also install update, that will also fix minor bugs of FM server 12

                 Hope that helps :)


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                   The problem was that the user name on the iMac was set to FMServer and it just so happens that the user name that Filemaker Server tries to create is FMServer.  Wow, what dumb luck.  

                   Just changing the user name is not enough, I had to change the name of the Home folder to something else besides FMServer and then it installed without any problems.

                   Tech Support was able to resolve this for me, but as I stated, none of the documentation mentions this nor does the installation guide.