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FMS backup location and login

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Jan 28, 2014
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FMS backup location and login

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After reading the advice from a knowledgeable user (run FMS with nobody logged onto the host machine) I started doing this. I understand this is the safest way to use fm server. This is all fine in that FMS runs fine without any Account logged into the host machine. However, I have a drive attached to the host machine (usb3) that serves as a backup destination for regular and progressive backups. If no Account with sufficient permissions is logged into the host machine, the Admin Console reports the folder on the backup drive as an invalid path. Thinking this might be a permissions issue I've tried to work in that direction. So far no luck. I must be logged into the host machine (even though it can be locked/timed out) for FMS to recognize the BU drive. Am I missing something?
fmserver is included in the permissions list for the backup drive. Perhaps I should be concentrating on the actual folders.