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FMS install will not complete. JAVA.

Question asked by bigtom on Feb 18, 2015


FMS install will not complete. JAVA.

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So I am having issues with Web Direct (not working) and in a effort to trouble shoot I decided to install FMS with my developer license on a different machine with the latest version disk image instead of an updater.

The computer had Java 8.31 or whatever is new. I got an error during install that FMS server requires Java 7 at a minimum. It started to install Java 7.75 and completed. Then I get the error that Java 7 minimum is needed.

So I figure there is some conflict with Java 8 and I uninstall that and restart the computer. Then I start the install again. Same issue. FMS will not install because it hangs in the Java thing. What the heck is that about?

Anybody know how to fix this?