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FMS Memory erosion

Question asked by dale_1 on Feb 24, 2013


FMS Memory erosion

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I've noticed a strange RAM behavior vis-a-vis FMS and RAM

I am running just FMS on a recently purchased mac mini, 2.3 ghz, i7 with 8 gigs ram and a fusion drive.  nothing else runs on that machine except for java and safari--both in order to implement the Server Admin Control on that machine.

when I first start up the Mac, Activity Monitor normally tells me that there is in the range of 3 to 4 gigs "Free"; 1+ gigs assigned to "wired;" in the neighborhood of 2+ gigs "Active" and 250 to 500 megs "inactive."   I should add that I have the FMS cache set to 1,500 megs

but after a spell--certainly by overnight--the amount "free" typically declines to 1 gig or less.  sometimes as little as 100 megs…and then after another half day or another day passes, that "free" figure can drop even lower as it did when I looked first thing this morning--that figure running in the range of 60 to 80 megs. what changes in the ram allocation equation is the figure for "Inactive" which balloons.  

when I reported this to an Apple support person a couple weeks ago, he found this peculiar, and went on to say that having so much shifted from Free to Inactive would serve to interfere with the proper functioning of an app, in this case FMS.  A reboot of the macmini restores "Active" to the 3+ gig region.

in spite of the fact that when I upgraded from FM11 to FM12 and I simultaneously upgraded from a two generations back Mac mini with 5 megs of ram, our key use of FMS/FMP, our POS system (Shopkeeper FM), is far slower, far less responsive than was the case under the earlier operating configuration.  (I should add that I am currently running FMS Admin Console V. & OSX 10.8.2).

any insights would be much appreciated.