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FMS not building fmi/webd

Question asked by DragonTayl on Mar 1, 2015
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FMS not building fmi/webd

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We have a FMS13v5 deployment on a Mac Mini using 10.10.1

We've got the database working - it's been running for months - and we're trying to access it via Web Direct for the first time. It took a lot of doing to get the correct apache running (side note: is there no way for FileMaker to adjust apache like it does with IIS? I don't have these problems on the Windows side) however we can now get to the default filemaker server page.

Unfortunately when we enter


we get the error The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the  seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of  about the error. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.

We have also tried 


but that returns a blank page. 

It's almost as though FMS is not building fmi/webd, which I believe it is supposed to do on the fly? But it is correctly serving static pages? 

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated :)