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FMS Slow on client computers

Question asked by colourprintsolutions on May 4, 2011
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FMS Slow on client computers

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Hey Guys,

We have an old database at work (made in FMP 5 I think), its made up of 46 different Databases (.fp7 files)
I have FileMaker server 11 running on a mac mini server (10.6.7) which hosts the database to 6 different Macs on our network.

We have been having a problem where it will take FileMaker pro maybe 30-60 seconds to open particular databases hosted by our server. Originally I had this server hosting our files (where a printing & graphic arts company) as well as the database.
So I read online that file sharing can slow down your database from the host to the client.
So I transfered the files to an old G5 we had and hosted them on there to see if it made any difference.
I turned of file sharing on the mac mini and anything else i could see that would be affecting it

which had no effect on the database what so ever, it still opens just as slow.

So, I'm no FileMaker pro as you can probably see, but I have kinda be appointed to fix this.

So if there is anyone out their who may have a similar problem and knows how to fix it.
I originally thought maybe it might have to do with the database being so old? that its just slowed down

Anyones help would be MUCH appreciated !