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FMS10 + Win7 - They work together

Question asked by jazminstewart on Oct 28, 2009
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FMS10 + Win7 - They work together

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So, it says in the FM Web that FMS 10 does not work on Windows 7.


Well it does.


How to:


1) To be able to install it and let the service start  you must download and install Bonjour from Apple manually.


2) To enable de Web Publishing is a bit tricky.


a) Get Process Explorer (an extended version of the Task Manager)


b) Launch the Admin Console and  click Edit Server Deployment


c) Follow the steps. and it will start setting up the Web Server but it will "never end"


d) In Process Explorer you will find a "fmsomething" process which will have a sub-process "cmd" and it will have another sub-process "PkgMgr"

Right-click on PkgMgr and get the properties.

Copy the Command Line

Open a Terminal and paste that. It will end and return to the prompt


e) Kill the "PkgMgr" process mentioned above.


FMS will continue and finish successfully.


You'll be able to use it normally then.