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    Fms10 on SBS08 RAM problem



      Fms10 on SBS08 RAM problem

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      Installed FMS10v2 on SBS08. When ever the filemaker service is running on the server it takes all the ram. I can have it running for about 2 minutes before the server gets sluggish and I have to stop the service to recover server functionality. Did I miss something during setup? Is this a known issue?

      Server spec
      Dell Poweredge R310
      Intel quad core 2.93GHZ
      8GB RAM
      2 500GB drives in mirror
      Windows SBS08 (64bit) SP2

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          Did you disable share point? I forget all the details, but when we researched servers for installing FMS 10 at my current place of employment, we found that SBS systems were not listed by FileMaker Inc as compatible systems for FileMaker server. When we called customer service at FileMaker they indicated some kind of conflict with sharepoint on that version of windows server. Dont' know if that's the issue you are encountering here or not...

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            Sandy Pratali:

            Thanks for posting!

            PhilModJunk is correct on the recommendation to disable Sharepoint (thanks!). This is because Sharepoint and the web publishing engine use some of the same resources.

            How much RAM is it using exactly? Are you using any plugins?

            Does the memory usage climb only when users are connecting to it or when idle as well?

            Is this a dedicated machine? If not, what else is running?


            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Thanks for the replys. Disabling sharepoint didn't seem to make a difference. Not using web publishing, no plugins. Its taking just over 3GB of ram. There are no users connected. I just have to start the filemaker server service for this to occour. Stopping the service frees up all the memory.

              Its a standard SBS setup, exhange, file services, dhcp, dns. Theres is nothing else running.

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                The soulution is to enable 32bit apps in the IIS default app pool.