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    FMS11 How to backup to networked drive



      FMS11 How to backup to networked drive

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      In FMS9 I was merrily once a week backing up my database files to an internet drive so that our files are backed up offsite. I consider this mandatory in case the building burns down.

      Now FMS11 has broken things by including the date in the name of the folder. This is cute and could be useful, but I would like to be able to turn it off. My apple backup software allows me to specify the folder to backup, but now that folder name keeps changing.

      Apple backup does not allow me to do a new backup (only incremental) so even better than that would be if I could use FMS to backup. Then I don't have to leave an account logged in to run the backups. But I can't specify the iDisk in the path name for backups. Can anyone help me accomplish this? How do I specify the iDisk path in the backup path.

      I'd even like to backup locally to our TimeCapsule but also don't know how to create a path to that. This also requires a password which I am willing to store on the FMS machine. Can anyone tell me how to backup to a networked drive? My guess is the pathname does not begin with FILEMAC. Does it begin with FMNET ?

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          I can tell you how I do it, but you'll have to search for Mac equivalents of the same tools.

          I created a VB script and use Windows Task Manager to open and run this script once a night. The VBscript uses the system clock date to compute the file name of the most recent verified nightly back up and then copies it to the network location.

          If you can set up an applescript or other system script to either copy the file to your network location or copy the file to a different folder with a name that doesn't change so that your backup software can find it, you'll have this up and working.

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            Thank you. I thought of something like that, probably using the "cp" function of the terminal. It still involves my clunky system though of having a user logged in in order to run the backup utility. It would be nicer to have FMS do everything. Have you been able to get it to backup to a networked drive (that you did not manually connect to)? Because backing up only locally is halfway useful. Do you think it's possible to back up to a different location and we can't figure it out or it's just not possible.

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              The VBScript backs up to a networked drive every night.

              Current FMS schedules won't run the VBScript as it refers to the networked drive so taskmanager on the server machine is used to schedule it for a once a night run.

              The key detail is that it backs up from the FMS generated backup copy which is a closed file, not a file that is currently open and hosted by FMS. FMS backs up from the open file safely, then the VBscript kicks in 30 minutes later to move a copy across the network.