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FMS11 ODBC Problems

Question asked by TVBOTC on Jan 23, 2012
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FMS11 ODBC Problems

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We have just set up a new FileMaker server.  We installed FMS11A on Win Server 2003.  Our databases are done in FMP9 and the workstations are using FMP9.

A coworker is having trouble connecting using WinSQL.  Her description:

When I first connect to the FM database through WinSQL I get the error. “Access violation at address 100A613C in module ‘fmodbc32.sll.’ read of address 00000000.  I can still run the SQL and it shows results in the window. When I go to export to an existing in another database and it gets to the point to map the fields there are no source fields only target fields. There is no error message at this point just no source information.

Also If I just try to browse the tables I get the error “Browse Data generated in error. FQL0001/(1:9) There is an error in the syntax of the query.”

If I just click on the details for the table name I get Capability not supported by driver for foreign keys and dependent tables.

Any ideas?  Should we be using the ODBC driver for FM9 (DataDirect) or the new FileMaker driver (fmodbc32.dll v11.3.76.0)?