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FMS13 kicking clients off when running over VPN

Question asked by evolution on Nov 13, 2014


FMS13 kicking clients off when running over VPN

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I have a FMS13 system that uses remote workers and it constantly disconnects the users. Its too sensitive to potential network drop outs as we NEVER had this problem before with FMS9. Can the network checking be changed to cover slightly poor connections?


Can someone tell me why I am constantly getting an error code 30 on for the clients on my FM13 server as below?

FileMaker Server 13.0v2 on EVO-HW-S-APP07 reported the following event:

2014-11-13 14:08:42.187 +0000 Warning            30         EVO-HW-S-APP07          Client "Mark Corrigan (EVO-HW-L-7029) []" no longer responding; connection closed. (51)

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