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    FMS13- Local Hosts question



      FMS13- Local Hosts question

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           I have uploaded a database to a FMS13 Server install. I can see the database files and Hosts (2) that I have created under my list of "Favorites" but on my list of Local Hosts, I only see one of two hosts that I see on Favorites. Why is that? See screenshot of both the Favorites list, and the Local list. Thanks in advance.


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               Dave Evans:


               Thank you for the post. 


               Is the "calipso (" server a Windows computer?


               Favorite Hosts are hard coded and even if the FileMaker Server is turned off, then those will remain in the list, although connecting will fail. Local Hosts uses Bonjour. "The Bonjour service enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. You need to have Bonjour installed on your system for remote hosts to be discovered."


          About installing Bonjour on Windows

          Why am I being prompted to install the Bonjour service on Windows?


               The following is from page 175 of the FileMaker Server 13 Help Guide:


               "Bonjour service is either not installed or not running. FileMaker Server will not be visible to FileMaker clients.


               This message can occur on Windows only. The Bonjour service is not installed or not running when FileMaker Server starts. The result is that FileMaker Server does not appear in the Local Hosts list in the Open Remote dialog box of FileMaker Pro clients, or in the File Browser of FileMaker Go client. However, users can still connect to FileMaker Server by specifying an IP address or hostname.


               To fix this problem, start Bonjour from the Services control panel before starting FileMaker Server."


               Let me know if any of the above requires further clarification.



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                 Yes. calypso is a Windows 2008 R2 server. I think I understand my problem now. When you stated that "Bonjour service enables automatic discovery of computers, devices and services on IP networks," I quickly realized my problem is that this server isn't registered on the DNS server yet, and so isn't in a configuration to be discovered... so, even if I go to my Windows explorer, and select "Network" this machine doesn't appear in the list of computers and servers. Once that is done, I feel pretty certain that Bonjour (which is installed) will pick it up.