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    FMS9 Cannot access Admin Console from remote machine



      FMS9 Cannot access Admin Console from remote machine

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      From a browser on the (newly installed) FMS9 server I can access the Admin Console using the IP address of the server.


      From a remote machine using the same address "http://<Server IP address>:16000" all I get is a Cannot Connect message.


      I have tried IE, FireFox, and Safari from both a Windows box and a Mac. 


      Any ideas? Does the server need some adjustments?







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             First question: Is the firewall on the server machine open for the ports you need?
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            Hello Dennis,


            One thing you may want to check is that all the ports required for FileMaker Server are open for connection.

            You can find full list of ports and their purpose in Knowledge Base Article 6427: link

            To test if a port is open in the Mac OS:

            1. Go to Mac HD > Applications > Utilities > Network Utility
            2. Click the Port Scan Tab
            3. Enter the your IP address and only test ports between 16000 and 16018
            4. The results of the port scan should show something similar to this:

            Port Scan has started ...

            Port Scanning host:

                 Open TCP Port:     16000
                 Open TCP Port:     16001
                 Open TCP Port:     16012
                 Open TCP Port:     16016
                 Open TCP Port:     16018
            Port Scan has completed ...


             To test if a port is open on Windows:

            1. Go to the Start Menu > Run > type: "CMD" without quotes ; A command prompt window should now be open
            2. Type the following: "telnet your_ip_address 16000" without quotes.
            3. If a blank telnet window comes up, the port is open. If you receive an error that it could not connect then the port is blocked
            4. You will need to repeat step 2 but replace 16000 with each of the ports listed in the knowledge base article further up in my post. (one port at a time)


            If it does not show Open TCP Port for all of the ports listed in the article, then the port may be closed. If you can reply back with what ports are not showing up we can troubleshoot from there.

            You may also want to check if there is a proxy server on your network, as all of Server's ports will need to be added as exclusions to the proxy server.

            Another possible cause for you being unable to connect could be Port Forwarding. Is the host machine in the same network / office / building as you? If it is in another office / building, then the FileMaker Host and your computer are both on seperate Private Networks. In order for the host to communicate with you, both your main office and your office will need to setup Port Forwarding in your respective routers.

            Port forwarding basically allows the host to broadcast to users outside their private network, and it lets you access that broadcast by opening the port in your router.

            As this is not a setting within the FileMaker software, I cannot walk you through setting up port forwarding. Your router manufacturer should be able to assist you in setting up port forwarding. The information they will need from you is what software (FileMaker :smileyhappy: ) you are trying to forward ports for and what port needs to be forworded:

            The port you need to forward is 5003 on both TCP and UDP.

            Most routers have an address within your private network to change the configuration or settings of the router. Usually it will be one of the following: , , , From that page there will be options for changing all the settings of the router.

            An excellent website about port forwarding that can tell you the correct address in a complete walk-through for almost every router is: http://portforward.com/

            To recap as that is a lot of information, you need to setup port forwarding for port 5003 both TCP and UPD.

            If you setup port forwarding and still cannot connect to the host, it could be due to a firewall on either your machine or theirs. You should also add port 5003 both TCP and UDP to both machine's firewalls as an exception.

            I hope this helps and if you have any issues feel free to post them and we can continue to troubleshoot.


            FileMaker, Inc.

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              No one mentioned this, but there is an option on the FileMaker Server Admin Console to Enable Access Restrictions. It is on the General Settings : Admin Console tab.

              You can specify the IP address of machines that are permitted to run the admin console for this server.


              Might be worth a look see...