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FMS9 install on Yosemite, can't get Deployment Wizard to run

Question asked by DagCrumb on Apr 3, 2015
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FMS9 install on Yosemite, can't get Deployment Wizard to run

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FMS9 install on Yosemite, can't get Deployment Wizard to run


An OS X 10.4.11 iMac with FileMaker Server 9 (and FileMaker Pro 9) is serving files to a small group of computers.  Someone else set that up.

I’m attempting to replace it / set up a new iMac with Yosemite / 10.10 OS X (64bit), to be a FileMaker Server 9 server.  All the web posts I said I couldn’t use the migration assistant between these OS’s, so I though tI’d go from scratch.

I believe I have installed FMS9, but cannot get to the “deployment wizard”. (I haven’t had a chance to set up an administrator login or password.) Some posts say I need to roll back java, edit Java’s security (did that), try a different browser (did that), tweak browser securities (did that), drop firewall to open port (did that), and so on.  So before I waste more time on the various suggestions I’ve come across, I thought I”d ask experts.
Here are the details:

I used apple’s remote disc to copy the FMS installer files from the old mac’s dvd drive to my new mac desktop. The filename is “fms_9.0v1_R2_full_ESD.dmg”. This FMS9 installer said I needed JAVA, which I already had. Then it seemed I needed 32bit java, but before I got there I found the download “JavaForOSX2014-001.dmg”, which allowed me to run the FMS9 installer.  But then when I tried the initial run of ht program, I had java security permissions errors, until I entered this into Java’s Exception Sitelist: http://localhost:16000.  

Now when I clicked on the FMS9 start page, it loads a page (url is: file:///Library/FileMaker%20Server/Admin/admin-server/launch-page/prelaunch_single_en.html), which says “please wait while the Admin Server starts” but never proceeds.   If I click on the link (provided sometimes) and download a copy of “admin_console_init_webstart.jnlp” and double-click on it, it says:

Application Error:  Unable to launch application (see details in attachment below)

At one point, (I don’t know why)  it seemed to progress past this point, it loaded a white console with black text. But it doesn’t look at all like the “deployment wizard” I see in the “getting started” PDF.
I tried installing “FMP9” as well but it made no difference.
So my most urgent questions are:
(1) how to get the DEPLOYMENT wizard to open, and
(2) if necc, how to get the “admin console” to open consistently (although I don’t know what its for)
(3) Seeing as I can’t even get the software to run — will I ever be able to set up the server to serve the eight or so databases they need? Does this require an expert in FMS?