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FMSA 10 and SBS Windows 2008 Operating System Backups

Question asked by smower on Apr 16, 2009
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FMSA 10 and SBS Windows 2008 Operating System Backups

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We are running FMSA 10 on 64 bit SBS 2008 (on Windows 2008 Server) successfully and it is very fast and very stable. SBS Windows 2008 wants me to enable backup through it's wizard. The wizard doesn't seem to let me exclude files from the backup so I haven't been allowing it to backup my data drive which has my FileMaker Files on them and the server is mad at me since it wants to back up. Has anyone found a way with the Windows 2008 Server builtin backup software program or wizard to successfully backup all your files except the hosted FM files or do you have a good solution without buying different backup software?  Or does anyone have an example of a command line interface that stops the filemaker hosted databases and then runs the windows 2008 backup process and when it is finished restarts the hosted FM databases?

Thanks in advance!