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FMSA 11 Error 8003

Question asked by TerraSoftware on May 4, 2012
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FMSA 11 Error 8003

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I am trying to figure out what Error 8003 is on FMS 11. This morning we discovered a FMSA 11 box was partially down, the databases (DB Service) was offline / stopped. The Web and ODBC service was still running. Per the Server Events log we see that that at 2012-05-03 21:36:03 Server Events Error Backup of BBS Magazine Manager 5b02 failed due to lock conflict with database users or other error. (8003). The next entry in the log is the Starting of the FileMaker server at 06:38:15.

This is on an Xserve Model 2,1 running OSX Server 10.5.8 with 10 GB of Ram.


1. What is Error 8003

2. A Lock Conflict, what exactly is the FMS Server referring to; is this due to user record locking on the DB file ?

3. Best Practice to prevent this from happening again.