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FMSA 11 Install Issue

Question asked by GregHarris on Feb 1, 2011
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FMSA 11 Install Issue

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We are evaluating purchasing FMSA/FMPA, but running in to a number of  issues.

I have FMSA 11 installed on a Win2k3 box that also has an Apache/MySQL/PHP stack installed.  (I know, shame, shame, but there is no technical reason the two shouldn't play nicely together.)  The biggest of which is that FileMaker Server is not paying any  attention to the FQDN that is set up during installation, and I can find  no setting to force it to only talk on a specific IP address/Adapter  card.  (If I were able to use Apache as the web provider, I don't  believe this would be an issue.)

IIS is set to bind only to the desired ip address, address B, and Apache  is set to only bind to another IP, address A.  However, upon opening the  Admin Console, the server says that everything is fine and then lists IP  address A.  I have no clue as to how it can report everything is good  when it is talking to IP A and IIS is only on IP B.  Going further,  opening the test page opens the page to IP A, rather than IP B, or even  the FQDN given in the setup.  The PHP admin also does the same.  Of  course, none of the test sites work even if IP A is replaced with the  FQDN or IP B since the FMSA continues to try to talk to the wrong IP.

I know the company line about only install FMSA on a server, however,  that's not an option as we are in a testing phase and the box is  severely underutilized as it is.

Is there any hope?


Greg Harris