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FMSA 11 is taking all available memory

Question asked by NWbutcher on Jan 26, 2011
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FMSA 11 is taking all available memory

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I just moved the majority of my db's to a new FMSA 11 server running IWP from a FMSA 8 server that died.  I noticed I wasn't getting the performance out of the new server that I was expecting, and was quite a bit more sluggish than the old one.  After looking around I found that it was using all of the memory the server had, will processor utilization was in the low single digits.


64 bit Windows Server 2008 r2

Xeon Processor 8-cores

12 GB of memory


The server is about a year old, and had the new Network OS installed cleanly.  It runs nothing else besides Symantec Endpoint Protection.  In my opinion the server is slight overkill, but who am I to complain.

I do have a few very large files (in excess of 10 GB, much is due to a large amount of embedded PDF's), but rarely have more than 3 clients connected.  I did not have this problem on the old server, which only had 2 GB of memory.  The memory usage stays pegged out even if there are no client connections, or if I have closed all of the databases.  The only way to get the memory usage down is to either restart the machine, or to stop/restart the filemaker service.  Memory usage will climb slowly as it is running, or seems to peg out if the server runs a schedule like a backup or verification.