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FMSA 11 problems with new install on Small Business Server 2011

Question asked by mobilesimmo on May 25, 2011
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FMSA 11 problems with new install on Small Business Server 2011

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I am developing and supporting FileMaker Pro 11 solutions for a small non-profit in Sydney, Australia. FMSA 11 was originally installed and running flawlessly on a Windows 7 workstation while we awaited delivery of a new server (that is, access to the databases was available to users on the internal LAN as well as remotely via a suitably configured router using FMP 11, FM Go and IWS).

Since re-installing FMSA 11 on the SBS server, internal access via FMP is still fine but no remote access is possible and IWS is not working even internally. Even IIS on the server seems to be upset about something. However, Exchange server is working fine internally and remotely.

The router has been reconfigured to route the appropriate ports to the new server. The server is running Small Business Server 2011 - which I understand includes Windows Server 2008 R1 and should therefore support FMSA 11.

Unfortunately I'm not responsible for the choice of SBS nor the install - I'm just trying to help the guy that is :-)

I've searched the knowledgebase and the forums but seen no mention of similar FMSA 11 problems on SBS 2011.

I do all my development remotely so this is a real pain. Anyone got any ideas about where to start looking?